Squeaks are a common problem in most floors. Fixing them is simple if you can get down to the sub-floor and put screws in. But if there are already hardwood floors installed this is not an option. most contractors will try to fix them by putting shims between the floor joists and sub-floor from underneath. However, this really is not a permanent fix and if the basement is finished, it’s not an option at all. Nails are not a good option either because they are often not long enough to do any good, and they quickly come loose and the squeak returns. 

A much better option is to drill and plug. This process means locating a floor joist somehow from up above, drilling a hole in your hardwood, putting a screw in the hole through the sub-floor and into the joist, and finally plugging the hole with hardwood. Obviously you would need to do this at the same time you are refinishing your hardwood floors so the plugs can be sanded down with the floor and everything finished to match. the result is a permanent fix for your squeaks. The plugs are also very hard to detect. Here are some pictures showing some plugs in a floor that we did recently. from a standing position, the plugs are very hard to see, but become apparent the closer you get. 

 the picture below contains 19 plugs. Image

This picture contains 14 plugs


this picture contains 5 plugs


this picture contains 2 plugs


It’s a great way to get rid of an irritating problem. 

mike totta